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The Vital vapes quickly and easy and works the best with dried herbs. If you want to vape concentrates or wax always use a steel wax chamber. Heat-up time is upto one minute with a fully charged battery lasting up to an hour. No complicated techniques or ambiguous controls; you control the power and temperature of the Xmax Vital with the temperature buttons and a easy to read display. The rechargeable 18650 battery can easily be charged with the included usb charger. Sturdy, discreet, and incredibly simple to use, the Vital outperforms pen vaporizers that are much more expensive.
Vitals internal air path is separated from the electronic components, which results in pure and high quality vapor. The vaporizer now comes with an extra glass mouthpiece.


    The Xmax Vital vaporizer (latest version), cleaning brush, packing tool, tweezers, USB charging cable, user manual, one year manufacturer’s warranty.

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