Snowstorm 2 (autoflowering) DP



Product Description

SnowStorm 2 from Dutch-Passion seeds

-3 seeds €25

-female seeds, for outdoor and indoor growing

-Effect: very sweet and heavy hitting Skunk high

-Lifecycle: from seed to harvest in 60 to 70 days, Autoflowering!!

-Yield indoor/outdoor: max 50gr per plant

-THC: ?%(unknown yet)

-SnowStorm is the Autoflowering version of the legendary Orange Bud. This heavy hitting Skunk version from the eighties still generates high yields and is low on maintenance. So now available as autoflowering seed called SnowStorm. A must for growers looking for that “classy” Skunk high from the eighties.

-Important: check the disclaimer


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