Procare CBD 5% HempSeed oil


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Procare CBD 5% HempSeed oil

500 mg of full spectrum CBD oil

10 ml dropper bottle with a very handy syringe to measure very precisely your desired amount.

take two to three times a day, 2 drops of CBD oil. Keep it under the tongue for at least 2 minutes. Then swallow the natural oil or spit it out.

This Procare 5% CBDoil is a unique high quality CBD oil which can be used for numerous purposes . This CBD oil not only contains 500 mg. CBD per 10ml but is also made up of a broad spectrum of plant’s own substances, including CBDA, CBGA, CBG and CBN. This makes this Procare CBD oil a high quality Full Spectrum oil in which all essential plant substances are included. A full spectrum CBD oil is considered to be the most effective CBDoil available. Most effective when product is taken orally.

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