Mentholcann arthro


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Mentholcann arthro gel

Amount: 200ml

Dose: put 5 ml on the skin

Effect: can be used for many purposes

Information: Menthol Arthro cooling gel is suitable for skin massage in the case of symptoms of pain, for regeneration and rehabilitation after surgery, fractures, effusions, after sports activities and other strenuous activities. Application to the skin should preferably be performed 3 times a day, with at least a 3 hour interval between applications. The gel spreads easily, is not oily and is absorbed easily, all thanks to its consistency.

Ingredients: Hemp extract, Hempoil, Conker tree, Common comfrey, Peppermint, Lecithin, Camphor, Eucalyptus Globulus, Zingiber, Officinale, Siberian fir

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