Growkit Mazatapec mushroom




Growkit Mazatapec mushrooms

-Strain: mexican mazatapec

-Volume: 1200cc

-Yield: max. 400gr (fresh)

-Trip: strong


 Step 1) Wash your hands thoroughly and clean the growkit on the outside with a wet piece of cloth.

Step 2) Remove the lid from the growkit.
Take a clean fork (not included) and poke a number of holes, divided equally over the surface of the growkit, into its top layer. 6-8 rows of holes are sufficient. This allows the substrate to absorb water more easily.
Step 3) Fill the growkit with lukewarm water (20ºC) to the edge of the substrate. Put the lid back on. Leave to soak for 2 to 4 hours (max. 24 hours).
Step 4) After the soaking period, remove the lid from the growkit and pour out the excess water.
Let the growkit drain for 5 to 10 seconds.
Step 5) Add lukewarm water to the growing bag.
– For the 1200CC Growkits: 0.5 liter (2 cups).
– For the 250CC Growkits: 0.25 liter (1 cup)
Place the growkit inside the growing bag. 
Step 6) Close the growing bag by folding the top and secure it with two paperclips (included).
Step 7) Put the growing bag out of direct sunlight and away from a direct heat source, such as a radiator. The ideal temperature is between 20ºC and 25ºC.
Make sure the temperature doesn’t exceed 35°C otherwise the mushroom may not survive!
The growkit needs a normal day-night routine.
Use a spray bottle daily to keep the top layer moist with water and prevent the kit from drying out.
Step 8) After 7 to 21/28 days (depending on the chosen strain), the first pinheads (small white dots) will appear. 
In this phase it is important for the growkit to get sufficient oxygen.
As well as opening the growing bag to keep the kit moist, you should open the bag at least once a day to allow fresh oxygen to reach the kit.
Step 9) Time to harvest!
Check the illustration to see when the mushrooms are about to open.
Just before the mushrooms start to open gently hold them at the root and delicately twist and lift them to pull the mushroom out.
You can harvest the mushrooms which are on the sides of the growkit, by very carefully taking the growkit’s ‘cake’ (substrate) out of the plastic container.
Step 10) After the harvest you should clean the growkit’s ‘cake’ by removing the old or death mushrooms. This enables the ‘cake’ to produce more mushrooms.

New yield
To ensure optimal results at the next harvest, put the growkit in the fridge for one night.
Note! Fridge shouldn’t be colder than 2ºC.
On the next day, start again from step 5.
Note! Thoroughly spray the top layer of the growkit with water the first time you start over.


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