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Product information
The first thing you notice is the incredible design of this beautiful Ghost mv1. But there is more , a lot more.
On several revieuw sites The Ghost is being praised as “a portable Volcano”. This is because the Ghost produces big vapor clouds that could be compared to those of high-end desktop vaporizers.

So what features make the Ghost MV1 so phenomenal? here are a few:

Works with both herbs and concentrates
A clever cooling system keeps your vapour cool at all times
The built-in diffuser makes for even heat distribution
The replaceable, rechargeable battery pack makes for hours of vaporization
You can adjust the airflow, using the retractable mouthpiece
On-demand convection vapour
Phenomenal clouds of vapour

What’s in the ghostbox?
Ghost MV1 vaporizer
USB charging cable
Concentrate pad
Spare crucible
Alcohol wipes
Cleaning buds

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