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Boundless CFV

This is the latest version of the Boundless CFV, featuring an improved mouthpiece.

Boundless is known for bringing innovative vaporizers, and the CFV matches this ideology perfectly. This first full convection vapor houses numerous unique features and is capable of producing thick and extremely flavourful vapour. Following the CF and CFX, a large bowl and great ease of use make this another excellent portable!

what is convection?

While most modern vaporizers apply either a combination of both conductive and convection heating, the Boundless CFV applies full convection heating. This means the air is heated prior to passing through the herb. While this requires a slightly different inhalation technique (a faster draw rate is required), the resulting vapor is much smoother and very flavourful. W
Heat retention rings

A brand new feature that was never seen before in portable vaporizers are the interchangeable heat rings. These rings come in different materials and provide different flavours and added retention of chamber heat. A special tool is included to easily swap the rings.

Ease of use

Much like other Boundless vaporizers, the CFV is extremely easy to use. Equipped with a crisp LCD display and simple button operation. Pressing the on/off button 5 times turns the vaporizer on or restart after a session has ended. To select any temperature between 60℃ and 230℃, use the plus and minus buttons.

The heat up time of the Boundless CFV is fast , taking only about 30 seconds.

A 4 minute auto shutdown timer is in effect. Please note that there is no alert when the shutdown timer is activated!

In the box:

1 CFV full convection vaporizer
1 quartz chamber ring
1 wood chamber ring
5 stainless steel chamber ring
1 packing tool and dabber
1 chamber removing tool
1 loading ring
1 cleaning brush
1 USB charging cable
1 user manual (English)

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