AutoMazar (autoflowering) DP



Product Description

AutoMazar from Dutch-Passion seeds

-3 female seeds, for outdoor and indoor growing

-Effect: the flavor and aroma of this resinous variety are that of an earthy Indica. The intense “body-high” is very pleasant.

-Lifecycle: from seed to harvest in 70 day, Autoflowering!!

-Yield indoor/outdoor: max 125 per plant

-THC: ?%(unknown yet)

-Automazar is the result of crossing Mazar with Ruderalis/Indica. Mazar is a triple prize winner, a best seller praised for its potency, high yield and soft taste. AutoMazar produces sticky, generously proportioned buds and grows to a height of 80cm and produces a yield up to 125gr per plant. Topquality Indica!

-Important: check the disclaimer


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