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The ArGo vape is Arizer’s smallest vaporizer. The vape will fit into your handpalm . Its compact size, ease of use, and the fact that the unit is lightweight make it very discreet vaporizer. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy almost all the top features of Arizer’s larger vaporizer models. For special protection on the go, the arizer company invented a special bumper protector. This prevents breaking the glass mouthpiece during traveling.
The ArGo makes use of a standard replaceable 18650 battery. You can charge the battery through USB and you can even use the ARGO while it is charging. To prolong the unit’s battery life, it also has an automatic power delay timer and a shutdown timer. ArGo’s selectable temperatures range from 44-220°C, which you can easily dial-in for your preferred vaping experience and flavour. Of course, quickly selecting ArGo’s temperatures (even when you vape) is only one of its great features. There are also settings for screen brightness, volume, customised vaping profiles, and more! The ArGo is a very good convetion vape and may even beat some larger vapes on the market when it comes to sheer performance. It produces dense, flavourful clouds for an exceptional vaping experience. Thanks to the extendable borosilicate glass mouthpiece, the vapor always stays cool and smooth. If you compare the ARGO to some other vapes, ArGo requiresnot a lot of maintenance and is very easy to clean. To keep the ArGo in top shape, all you need to do is soak the glass mouthpiece in 90% alcohol occasionally and brush the herb compartment after using

the ARGO package contains:
1x Arizer ArGo portable dry herb vaporizer
1x ArGo 18650 replaceable battery
1x USB charger & power adapter
2x Glass aroma tube
2x Silicone stem caps
1x Carry case with belt clip
1x Stainless steel stirring tool
4x Stainless steel filter screens
1x Manual

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