Titan army vaporizer

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Product Description


The Titan “army” vaporizer is identical to the normal Titan vaporizer. This copy of the titan vape is designed to vaporize your herbs or plants. A vaporizer extracts the substances out of your herb by heating up the air around the herb itself. There is no burning or smoke because there is no contact with a flame and/or other heating source. A warm airflow will vaporize the raisin on the herbs and this is the cleanest way of inhaling the active ingredients. The titan army is small and compact in design( 135mm x 25mm) and has an integrated lithim battery(2200mah) which you can charge with a usb charger. The titan has a multifunctional on and off button and has three heating levels which are displayed in different led-colours. (red=182 celcius, green=193 celcius and blue= 215 celcius). The titan Army has a safety switch, it will automatically turn off after 3 and/or 10 minutes.


The Titan Army has a unique “army-design” and is packed in a nice container. In this container your titan is protected and you can easily store all the different accessories and charger.


The package of the army-titan contains, the titan vaporizer, a usb charger, several different mouthpieces, some extra screens, a cleaning brush and a user manual in different languages.

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