cibdol cbd oil, 50ml, 4%

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Product Description

Cibdol cbd oil 4%

Amount: 50ml, 1000 drops

Dose: 2 drops are enough.

Effect: we can’t give any medical advice on the usage of CBD-oil, check the internet for further information

Use: keep 2 drops several minutes in your mouth/under the tongue

THC: less than 0,2%

CBD: 4%, extra high percentage

Information: CIBDOL 4% is one of the purest and strongest cbd-oils available in Europe. Produced out of 100% natural, organic hemp, and contains less than 0,2% thc, so it doesn’t give you a stoned or high feeling. No chemical pesticides or fertilizers were used during the production process.

Ingredients: 4% cbd and olive oil. lactose free, kosher and vegan

Important: check the disclaimer


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